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The Free POS Quote About Us page explains our background and our mission.

The POS (point of sale) system is critical to the overall operation of a business and represents a significant investment with the opportunity for long term benefits or a disaster for business operations. Free POS Quote was created to connect business owners with proven and experienced local POS providers.  These POS providers provide professional analysis of your business needs based on the information you provide Free POS Quote.

Free POS Quote is part of the POS Advice family of POS information providers.  The POS Advice family of websites also includes the Credit Card Provider Directory, Restaurant Software List, POS Professor, Restaurant Technology Weekly Recap, Mobile Optimizers, POS Forum and the POS Provider Directory,

The POS Advice website provides up to date, free, independent and unbiased restaurant POS information, resources, white papers and educational videos for restaurteurs so they can make an informed POS purchase decision.  We have sold, programmed, installed, trained, serviced and supported hundreds of POS systems from many POS (point of sale) companies with nationwide 24/7 support. We have consolidated our years of experience with the latest hospitality POS information to create POS Advice™ to save restaurteurs time, money and aggravation.

• We are NOT a POS resellerPOSAdvice_300

• We do NOT sell POS systems

• We are NOT a credit card processor

• We do NOT sell credit card processing

Staying current in the restaurant POS (point of sale) industry is a full time job that we pursue with a passion. We subscribe to all major hospitality magazines and publications, attend the annual National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago and Retail Solutions Providers Association functions.  We receive numerous hospitality and POS newsletters, participate daily in fifty LinkedIn credit card, restaurant and POS related groups while following many hospitality and POS related companies via LinkedIn. We also take full advantage of our twenty plus years of industry experience and personal contacts to stay up to date so we can answer questions with relevant and accurate information. If needed, personal services to assist you with your POS purchase decision are available.

 POS Advice, LLC

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Bob Frazier, CEO POS Advice Family of Websites

Bob Frazier

Bob (Robert) Frazier, Restaurant POS professional with over 20 years of coaching, advising and assisting restaurateurs with their Restaurant POS System selection and implementation.

Bob has seen the POS industry grow and prosper, “It has truly been a rewarding experience working with businesses from ALL AREAS of the hospitality and retail industries”, says Bob.

Through hard work and dedication he not only made a good living for himself and his family, he also was able to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and restaurateurs determine their specific requirements so that the POS system they purchased paid for itself in a short period of time, while accomplishing their goals with his help and advice. It’s through the attention to detail and team work efforts that he’s become life time friends with many of them. “It’s truly rewarding!”, says Bob.

Bob Frazier developed his coaching and consulting business, POS Advice™, as a natural continuation of his role as someone who has accumulated years of Experience and Expertise within the POS industry and has expanded POS Advice into a family of POS related websites serving all POS buyers.

He does not own or work for a POS reseller or credit card provider. Therefore when industry professionals and restaurateurs seek his opinion on the best restaurant POS system or credit card provider for their restaurant, he is able to give unbiased and independent advice based on a breath of industry:

  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Experience

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I am giving others the best advice and support available for their individual needs while saving them time, money and aggravation”.

“Whether businesses come to our website or blog for the free information, resources and white papers that we have made available or whether they choose to work with me on an individual basis, I’m proud to be the first in the industry to consolidate all of the POS information and provide it in an unbiased and independent format. I am here to help you make the best POS purchase decision for your business!”

Use Bob Frazier’s:

  • Years of Business Experience
  • Restaurant POS Expertise and
  • Knowledge to Save Yourself Time, Money and Aggravation.

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Bob Frazier featured on Restaurant Owner Radio with host Jim Beach!

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Bob Frazier featured on Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast with host Eric Cacciatore discusses 3 Step Restaurant POS Purchase Guide!

Bob and POS Advice™ are proud supporters of both the National Restaurant Association and the Retail Solution Providers Association!

NRA and RSPA member

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